Our food

Mouthwatering food customized to your palate

Priding ourselves on being innovative and unique, we customize every event to our client’s palate as well as budget. Our philosophy is this is YOUR event, so we are not going to tell you what you and your guests are going to eat. With that in mind, please note that the following menu items are mere suggestions and examples of what we have done. Don’t think for one second that these menus are what you must have for your event. If you have a favorite dish, such as grandma’s secret recipe for pasta sauce, your father’s BBQ tricks and flavor, or your mother’s homemade cookies, there isn’t anything we can’t do so don’t be afraid to ask. Know that you are in excellent hands for all the right reasons when you choose Seasons.

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Food Truck

Food trucks can be the perfect answer, not just to complement with late nigh snacks, but for the whole meal especially in a barn setting. They can serve fish tacos, tacos, BBQ menus and let’s not forget our comfort food. One benefit of the food truck is that it can drive right up to the venue if you are planning a reception in a remote area, and no kitchen space necessary.


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