A Few Reasons to Have a First Look

A Few Reasons to Have a First Look

A first look is such a special moment for a bride and groom in a small intimate setting. It allows the couple time before the ceremony to have a private moment together before all of the festivities.

Coming soon, you’ll meet Jenn, our Certified Wedding Planner and Sales Manager. But first, she wants to share a few reasons why she thinks you should have a first look on your special day! 

“There’s so many great reasons why you NEED a First Look. But here’s just a couple of my thoughts as a Certified Wedding Planner and Sales Manager for Seasons Catering in Albany.

  1. You get that extra alone time during your special day with your family and your bridal party. Most importantly though, your best friend who you’re about to marry!
  2. You get to actually enjoy your entire wedding instead of 3/4 of it by getting all your favorite photos done ahead of time! By having a first look, you won’t feel rushed during your cocktail hour trying to fit in the million photos you researched and loved because you have to have them all!
  3. And most importantly you just finished your hair and makeup, don’t you want him to see you at your very best all fresh?!”

Photo by Laura Huertas Photography

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